Bottle Pets First Objective 6K visits per month
HD partners believe we can generate 6,000  visits  per  month to the BottlePets Website  within   120 days of launch with a "Content " or "in bound" marketing campaign. This will involve  

  • Creating a Modern  Brand ID
  • E-commerce website
  • Video channel  
  • Facebook pro presence
  • Google + and Google places presence
  • Blog publishing 4 times per week 

We track everything  with a Conversion rate tracking  methodology that is proven to improve Revenue per visitor with continual testing and modification of Landing pages. At conventional Pay Per Click prices  5000 visits per month would cost  in the region of $ 8K -$17K per month depending on keyword selection Our Google doc based content publishing platform does so at for in the the region of $1.5- 2.5 k per month. Generally our sites produce a revenue per visitor of $5 or more per visitor  

Smart babies
Research  indicates that a  demand  for terms such as "smart baby" has  more than  doubled since 2004. Having USEFUL  information about infant cognitive development.  that is continually updated and commented on  will generate significant traffic in the core  female demographic.

Lets Go Viral

Pregnant and new Moms and their friends have a BIG interest in smart babies and will recommend the site and videos  to their fellow moms

Combining cuteness with the " did you know " factor enables  a social media  snowball A s well as B2C e- commerce a B2B wholesale  will also be created  with merchant log in  so that   the same shopping cart engine can handle  bulk sales akll of which will be Pre-paid Bulk orders can be made after e- mail authentication procedures

The steps
A) Bottle Pets Publishing engine of  150 to 175 pages is built  using  Google docs back-end technology with our Moduler MIVA tech  as demonstrated to you .  Using a Content marketing methodology these pages will be populated with relevant   magazine style " smart baby" features . This content is based on keyword research that can be seen below Site  content is continually updated. New content is written and linked in Google docs and then passed through into the e commerce enabled site

B) The content management system uses drop-box and Google docs to feed a wide variety of content platforms from the MIVA shopping cart through the YouTube channel to the Facebook presence. Content marketing is proven system that has yielded significant  growth in revenue for a wide variety of our clients from Real Estate to Pizza. We fellow the methodologies of the industry leaders like , Hubspot, Conversion rate experts, SEO Moz and others. We are Google engage partners committed to best practices.

2) Blogging The 
Bottle Pets site will be built to incorporate Wordpress as its Blogging   platform and blogs will be updated  regularly with updated stories created by guest "Mommy Bloggers"  

3) Numerous baby videos a Youtube channel  shall be created   with " cute baby stories" that will use a facebook and website competitions ( eg vote for Cutest Baby pics and win a free sample) In addition a Video shopping cart system will be incorporated so that the baby videos can go viral with a shopping cart Module built into the video itself 

4) Phone Call tracking from the site Blogs videos and facebook
Phone number  and tracking technolgy cost very little

5 )  On page and off page SEO Off page deliverables Squidoo Lens / Hub Creation.  Both of these websites are Page Rank 8,( very very high)  so having a backlink from them (even on a subpage) is of immense benefit to  BottlePets  

1500 Word Squidoo Lens Creation + Promotion and 1500 Word Hubpages Hub Creation + Promotion

200 local directories Linked  to  high domain authority sites with the postings and articles

  • StumbleUpon Page submissions  + Promotion   
  • 100 Manual Blog Posting/Commenting to  high PR relevant sites
  • 50 Edu Backlinks
  • 600 Contextual Wiki Links

These are contextual links meaning your keyword (anchor 

text) is surrounded  by related content. After Panda, Google loves contextual links and this is it.You can use 1 URL and up to 3 keywords. If you include more than 1 keyword, they will be rotated randomly throughout the 600 links (articles).

6) Google places and + Places aggregates reviews   and can have  custom video and graphics for this platform, them. In addition  we shall perform “reputation management” on all 5 locations as well as solicit reviews on the main site with a social media bar

 We estimate 12 - 20 reviews in first month A business   presence will be created on
  • yahoo