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took its so-called Panda search algorithm upgrade global to emphasize high-quality Websites over lower-quality destinations, and added signals based on user feedback to improve results. Google has been taking a lot of flak for surfacing too many spammy, irrelevant results, particularly from content farms that exist as traffic bait and offer little value.To alleviate users' concerns, the search engine in February rolled out the algorithm tweak only in the U.S., targeting Websites that copy content from other Websites and those that provide little value for searchers.Panda

Dec 17th 2010 "insights into Search"  Google conference briefing  report
Product Extensions (PlusBox) – Through data feeds you areable to provide thumbnail images of products, which will appear within your sponsored listing advertisement. Given this addition, your ad really can take over a large portion of the real estate on the page, especially if you are on the top ad positions. It’s a great opportunity for retailers to enhance their existing campaigns.

Ad SiteLinks – This option within AdWords allows you to insert several hyperlinks within your sponsored listing, which will appear below the actual ad. You can choose the text which appears to the searcher for these links and also change it as desired for testing.

Video PlusBox – This feature is in limited release right now and
primarily being used with movies. It allows you to enhance your
current sponsored ad with an expandable video, accessed through a
plusbox. This is a great way to showcase a visual product or service
(think retail, travel industry, entertainment, etc). it also provides a
unique engagement with the searcher which could help increase
qualified leads clicking through to site.

Image & Video
Real Time Search – With the new search landscape on Google,
digital content has become more valuable than ever for advertisers and
their search results. Content from your website is still a consideration for
you’re marketing efforts, but video and images, along with other forms of
social media, are equally important.

Image Recognition – There has been a recent update to the
Image Search results on Google, as of this past week.
Image Search Ads – This ad format combines an image with text,
offering richer, more relevant advertising on Google Images search
results pages. It’s a great opportunity to showcase your products or
services, if visual appeal is a consideration for the customer/searcher.

•Impressive Growth to Date and Amazing Potential
•High-End Mobile Search Behavior Matches Desktop
•Assess Engagement & Usability via Analytics Data

Engage Users Who Search – Provide an environment
that is mobile friendly. Either a mobile-version of your
existing website or a mobile landing page to deliver to those
searchers specifically. Provide them what they want or need
in this smaller screen landscape. Developing an “App” is another
way to participate with this audience.

The Future: Location Personalization & Google Goggles

Voice Search
The Future: Voice Recognition & Natural Language Search
Speech input adds another dimension to staying in touch.
Google's Voice Search application, which is pre-installed on
many Android devices, provides powerful features like “search by
voice” and voice shortcuts like “Navigate to”.
patrick martin,
Aug 3, 2010, 5:14 PM