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Aug20 2010

"Fogg" Video
Turbo-charges sales!

Our Client and partner ADAMjetsis one of the first sites to use the "Fogg system"  developed in October of 2009 at Stanford University. (see below)
In order to create video content that sells, it is helpful to utilize a conceptual framework for video
content creation to guide your efforts. Since no two products are alike, having a framework to refer to as you create video content, will easily help your organization,  video production, and sourcing efforts across a wider range of products. 

Using a conceptual framework can also help reduce infighting and uncertainty over whether a particular video will “work” since the framework itself provides an emotionally detached method for creating persuasive video content.

The Fogg Behavior Model was created by BJ Fogg, Director of Stanford University’s Persuasive  Technology Lab. He is also the author of a groundbreaking research paper published in 2009 entitled, “A Behavior Model for Persuasive Design”1 and maintains up-to-date information
on the model at http://www.behaviormodel.org
When applied to e-commerce video, The Fogg
Behavior Model provides insight into what makes video sell. Online retailers that understand the model are better able to increase the motivation of their shoppers to buy, which can lead to desirable outcomes such as,
higher product page conversion rates and
lower product return.

The model teaches us that when persuasive e-commerce video is coupled with an understanding of shoppers’ ability to complete a transaction, and includes a “trigger”   to initiate the transaction, the medium can become remarkably powerful as a selling tool. Without such an understanding, product videos might be distractions to shoppers ,or worse – actually harm site conversion rates. 
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