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The Google Apps HD Realtor solution offers a unique proprietary web application with a content management system that produces better results than any other real estate website system on the market today. We have spent over 4 years developing the system and our significant investment has produced impressive results.

The Google Apps HD Realtor System provides several key advantages to the Realtors who use it:

1.)  The proprietary Google Apps content management system makes it easier and more cost-effective to create, organize, and publish large amounts of relevant and “high quality” real estate content related to your specific geo-targeted real estate area. In addition, it publishes the data to be indexed by the major search engines and Google has shown a propensity to index it quicker and more efficiently than other CMS’s, providing a competitive advantage to your business to provide unique content as opposed to your competitors' content, which is labeled as duplicate content.

2.)  A unique IDX plugin API that is created and integrated into the product to generate value from all MLS listings that happen within a specific geographic area. In addition to providing large amounts of SEO value with little to no manual effort, many times this allows HD to provide higher rankings on a specific property search by MLS number, than the actual agent who has the listing.

3.)  On and off page SEO strategy to allow you to drive to your site large amounts of   targeted organic and paid search traffic that is qualified and more likely  to convert into leads. This strategy generates higher CTR and “engagement” rates than other real estate sites.

4.)  The ability to measure and track all online activity that comes to your site so that real-time SEO and marketing adjustments can be made by city, town, and neighborhood and so that all marketing activities can be constantly measured and proactively adjusted based on actual performance (unlike other marketing efforts like print, TV and radio).

5.)  The ability to automate all email and drip marketing follow-up to all visitors to the site so that the real estate agent, broker, or agency generates as much value as possible from every website visitor and lead.

6.)  The ability to use Google standardized forms like Google Map, Google Form, Google Mortgage Calculator, which keep the potential client engaged on the site and provides instantaneous notification to a real estate agent, broker or agency of a lead that can be provided on a mobile phone, laptop, or computer, or sent to an automated email system.

The Google Apps HD Realtor System leverages this technology and allows the creation and editing of listings online with a simple Gmail account, and enables collaborating in real-time with others. An example of this revolutionary technology was launched
in 2009 with www.HollywoodHillsHomes.com, which at the time had more than100 property listings (including a comprehensive "sold" section) and roughly 1000 visits each month. The site has now been live without downtime for 3 years and is consistently generating an average of 10,000 visits per month! A tenfold increase. The site's standardized Google forms have produced consistent increases in generating customer leads.

Crush your competitors' leads within seconds: With your increases in traffic and lead generation you start to distance yourself from other Realtors who are not taking advantage of the system.

Get leads within seconds: Responding to a potential client as soon as possible is the difference between a Realtor's huge success and failure.

Protect your documents: With the HD Realty System, Realtors have fine-grained controls to manage how broadly agents, clients, brokers and any third parties can share documents.

Work together without the hassles of attachments: Realtors can share the same online copy of each doc, upload house photos from anywhere, change image order, embed video from any service, and change listing details directly from a Google account.

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