Issue One


 Notes A1

Ongoing cost are for  using Google’s new Website Optimizer tool. It’s now available to everyone (we were one of the first companies to use it).

Our verdict?…

…it’s amazing – it turns your website into a ruthless money-making machine by massively increasing your conversion rate (that’s your website’s ability to turn visitors into customers).

So here’s our essential 
how-to-double-your-conversion-rateguide, with 108 simple surefire techniques for doubling your web business. (By the way, when we say “doubling”, that’s just our honest opinion – you wouldn’t sue us for giving you free advice, would you?)

Listen, here’s what’s happening in search marketing right now: Many companies are enjoying the enormous benefits that conversion rate optimization (CRO) can bring. More >>

 Notes A2
Google Apps are a grab bag of business applications can be purchased and run over the Web for just $50 per year and is just one of many Google products now giving Microsoft a run for its money.

The Hollywood Design Development of  Google Apps for various Business outlined   has been underway  for over 5 years. The  "fully Loaded  "  Flagship HD   HHH has consistently outperformed  ( as measured by Industry metrics ALEXA) every other agent  property site in  LA.. The  Web Application has been under continuous deployment  in beta  since  March 09.  See the Statistics HERE 

Industry leading   Bounce rates  and  maximum organic search ranking is now being taken to the next level by the  Google Apps based  website Hollywood Hills Homes Now Web savvy Realtors  & E marketers looking to drive traffic and sales means  being at  the cutting edge.  Many  Google adwords   in some instances have become astronomically priced.

Notes A3