Revenue Estimates

We estimate Gross revenues of  $3-5 K per month within   3 months and 7-10k PM within 
6 growing at 3-5% per month  These  figures could be multiplied by 2 x 3 times with a PR campaign that generated TV coverage. I have a relationship with Alan Mendelson  (channel 13) click >> here to see 
this would include a Pink ribbon campaign ( see below)

Social Media 
Social  media  combined   effective PR campaign at 1.5- 2K per month could triple these 
estimates ie 25K- 45K pm  within 6- 9 months

Move products to Google Docs and adopt the MIVA merchant platform

The Most effective PRO shopping cart platform for  small business over 200K installs Installs a number of MIVA modules to Include  include rewards program and  anti fraud Modules as well as our own GD2MIVA . 
All site copy,  product descriptions, and   PR material etc will be  on to Google docs and these can link  to online  Reviews of those products by  buyers

 70% of web search  traffic comes from Google, so being on the google doc system has MANY competitive advantages  in the fight for traffic User reviews increase sales when linked to the product in the shopping cart Both items of text come from the Google docs  and are "embeded" in the MIVA shopping cart

How it works
Using the HD   GD2MIVA system  the GDs appear in Miva ( the shopping cart system) and most importantly seperate “Mini sites” that are on the Google servers  and that are all Inbound links to your website from Google

Google indexes these documents continuosly ( announced  of 17th Sept 2009).  Our propriety systems have  all the advantages of being on the Google system    to gain competive advantage over  your competitors for TRAFFIC  The site will be available in 56 languages  This opening up international markets