Night Lights Report

Rewards of page 1 Night Lights rankings are revenue  of  $45K-120K per month

From William Helton 
(extensive audio at bottom of the page)

    I’ve reviewed all of the SEO stats, page content, meta content and rakings for LBU’s “night lights” products in depth. There is nothing that Bhanu is doing incorrectly. He’s done everything exactly as it was instructed, and that will best benefit the LBU product for Seo ranking within the parameters of MIVA and current SEO guidelines.

The lack of high rankings for LBU’s product is due to the competition for those particular phrases (please see the attached Excel sheet for all of the current figures). These happen to be VERY HIGH in competition, across the board. Meaning that most any and all related keywords are pretty competitive – not just “night lights” (which has a score of 1 on competition – making it as highly competitive as keywords get).

Getting page rank
There are only two things can guarantee that LBU will get top-ranking for a phrase like “night lights.” The first thing is the most important and that is time…it takes time to go from nothing to the top 10 on Google for a keyword that has a competition value of 1 and yields over 10 million results. The second thing that can guarantee this results is TOP-SHELF, WHITE HAT SEO. Rich, unique content & quality back-linking are essential in getting these results. Without each of these things in place – and the time to let it takes its course – top organic results will never be attained. If these things were in place, the estimated time lapse to see first-page, organic results would be about 6 months. 


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