Very unusually was available  W
e have no interest in this domain and  have purchased it  for you for $12. ( Link  to purchase receipt)

Brand ID
The  main marketing advantage of  is that it connects your existing  business reputation and footprint  to an ID  that is simple, factual, easily  spelled and  remembered.  Having all those qualities,we were amazed that the domain was  available for $12  so we bought it on your behalf

Overview of concept  has a 5   virtual offices  in each  of the following areas.
  • Los  Angeles  (Downtown)
  • Van Nuys
  • West Hollywood
  • Hollywood
  • Burbank

We believe we can generate 5,000  visits  per  month to these PBB Websites (at approx 1000 to each)  within  90 days of launch   With a  Simple  brand ID , Phone tracking  and  Conversion rate tracking  methodology    your overall  revenue  should   increase  significantly.   At conventional Pay Per Click prices  5000 visits per month would cost  in the region of $ 12-17,000 per month  in advertising costs 

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are available  throughout the LA area.  at  approx $100 each location  (see here  for an example) The objective is to build  5 locations out  with  each website serving a different area. This  franchise type operation  could then be  be extended to 20 locations  Based on consulation with my colleagues  Bryan Seely  (Google  places specialist,) and Fred Palimino &  Mark Apsey, Senior SEO consultants   as well a conversation with Markus Siebeneick from Google  here is the package:


1) 5 “Publishing engine” websites of  50 to 75 pages each to be created  using  Google docs back-end technology with our Module PHP tech  as demonstrated to you.  using a Content marketing methodology these pages will be populated with relevant   magazine style features  as well as factual information about the services  The site  content will be continually updated with  new relevant reviews and citations This proven system has yielded significant growth in traffic revenue and reputation on several sites we have built and manage

2) Blogging Each site will be built to incorporate Wordpress as its Blogging   platform and blogs will be updated  regularly with updated stories  these can be drawn  form current  activities in each given area in terms of  arrests  local news as well as opinion on legal issues.

3) Numerous videos from PaulsBailsBonds Youtube channel  shall be created  as “ case study  examples”  using  your own History of cases. for a wide range  of situations.  In addition  we want to have a a weekly video conference about 2 - 3 current issues in  the bail bonds world for the areas to update the youtube channel

4) Call tracking The sites
Each address will have a Phone number  and tracking technolgy from

see the Video below explains the advantages  

5 )  On page and off page SEO
Off page deliverables Squidoo Lens / Hub Creation.  Both of these websites are Page Rank 8,( very very high)  so having a backlink from them (even on a subpage) is of immense benefit to PBB 1500 Word Squidoo Lens Creation + Promotion and 1500 Word Hubpages Hub Creation + Promotion
200 local directories Linked  to  high domain authority sites with the postings and articles

StumbleUpon Page submissions  + Promotion   

100 Manual Blog Posting/Commenting to  high PR relevant sites

50 Edu Backlinks

600 Contextual Wiki Links

These are contextual links meaning your keyword (anchor 

text) is surrounded  by related content. After Panda, Google loves contextual links and this is it.You can use 1 URL and up to 3 keywords. If you include more than 1 keyword, they will be rotated randomly throughout the 600 links (articles).

7) Google places 
conversations with  Google’s Markus Siebeneick  confirm that Places may be used in this way and a test by  Bryan Seely  was successful (See Video)  

Each Location will have a Google  Places account and these accounts will have custom videos and graphics designed for them. In addition  we shall perform “reputation management” on all 5 locations as well as solicit reviews on the main site with a social media bar

Setup of  5 google Places and  Google + listings and validate them.

Optimizing each listing on google places
we  estimate 2- 4 reviews in first month per location
20 citations for each business  will be built on other sites, such as 
  • yahoo