Playful Parrot

Revenue Targets

 After a review of competition we believe that gross revenue can grow to to $10K per month within 3-4- months and grow at a brisk pace of 3-8% Revenue per month the thererafter.
 hitting $
20K per month within 8- 12 months. in broad terms it takes on average of  300 hours to produce this level of growth. If the "social network for parrots" gets local TV coverage these  figures could be very much higher

In reviiewing the . 2   parrot  owners remarked that there was a great variety of toys that they had NEVER seen before. This is VERY instructive as both parrot owners are internet savvy.There is a substantial amount of growth potential

While there are  many sites  coming up on page 1 for "parrot toys" None use Video  or very large product images with e exception of the pampered parrot most of the sites are poorly designed, With mediocre  competition  the scope for revue growth  is substantial

1A) Move all product description on to Google docs and link them to Reviews of those products by your clients.Using the HD system GDs appear in Miva and most importantly seperate “Mini sites” that are all Inbound links to your website from Google. Google indexes these documents continuosly  as of 17th sept 2009. With GD developemnt for 2 years prior to that dat we are happy to say that as well as all the advantages of GDs our propriety systems  are able to leverage these systems to gain competive advantage over the current niche market leaders

1B) Install a number of MIVA modules so that a rewards program and coupons may be offered

1C) Review All product descriptions in the light of SEO research and Re write as required. Complet SEO on all 300 products with keywords and metags, In addition tag all the IMAGES as these are now a big part of search

1D) Create a series of "Fogg Videos" by combining stock footage Video chat  Voice over and  the products ( these can be still images shot from differing angles)

Phase 2 Social networking drives more traffic

2A) Create a “ social network for parrots !” that is Branded and has products as prizes so that user generated videos can be used on the website. We have experience in the latest WEB 2 software as a service for doing this inexpensively

2B) Create 40 inbound links per month on Social networks with page rang 5 or above

2C) Use Google optimizer to do multivariate testing so that the Conversion rate can be increased significantly. it is proposed thata more expansive Header is used on the site as this has proven to 
significantly REDUCE bounce rate  This regarded as being the most important web metric of all
 by Google